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Buy local because Chamber members invest locally in the Wake Forest community, in their professional development, in each other.




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Thousands of Wake Forest residents and businesses are looking for you. We can help them find you.

Build Community

People living and working in Wake Forest want to support businesses that make living and working here even better. Investing in the local Chamber means you’re investing in job growth, development, and attracting people and business to this community.

Build Credibility

The people in Wake Forest deserve to buy from the best. The Chamber attracts people who invest in their personal and professional development. Becoming part of this community means you are committed to developing yourself and your business to be the best.

Build Visibility

Thousands of locals are visiting our business directory each year. That means Wake Forest believes in what we do, AND so does Google. Having our site link to yours means you score extra points for search engine optimization (SEO). So you can rank higher in search results.

Here’s how you get listed on our Wake Forest business directory:

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Join the Chamber

Join online or schedule a 30-minute, no obligation consultation to discuss your goals and objectives.

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Complete your business profile

Once you join the Chamber, we’ll send you a link to our business profile questionnaire. It generally takes about 20 - 30 minutes to complete your profile so we can list you properly.

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See your business in lights

Once you complete your business profile, we’ll upload you into the business directory within 48 hours. As an added bonus, you’ll be listed on our home page as a new member for 30 days, welcoming you into the fold.

Is lack of investment in a network keeping you from reaching your full potential?

8% of small businesses fail because they don’t have a network.


$500 annually

For new and small business owners seeking to enhance visibility and build business contacts through Chamber networking programs and events.

Business Builder

$900 annually

For established business leaders who can partner with us on new ideas and programs that benefit their businesses while better serving our community.

We believe in investing locally to grow locally.

Join the Chamber, and you can become a business of choice to the Wake Forest community.