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Imagination is a powerful thing. Albert Einstein said: “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” Now, imagine how good the best CPA firm in the world would be. Imagine a CPA firm that was different from the others, one so good that:

It could help you measure the right things with Active Management Systems that provide real time data. It could help you shorten your cash conversion cycle and improve Cash Flow. It could make a significant difference in your Profit Improvement, by prioritizing opportunities and tactics to focus on four ways to grow your business. It could work with you and your team on Execution, getting your priorities implemented while competing with the whirlwind of our daily business lives. It actually provided you with proactive Tax Minimization strategies and suggestions through their unique tax minimization process. It keeps one eye on helping you manage risks in your life for Wealth Protection. It believes that your Succession will need to be seamless for both planned and unplanned exits. It understands that a great Retirement will require a plan.

Imagine what your business could achieve if you worked with a CPA and business coach on The Awesome 8 issues (above), not just tax preparation and bookkeeping? Imagine no longer. There is a company that does all those things!

We are Holden Moss CPAs.

We are located in the Wakefield area and we have a different approach for working with business owners as compared with traditional CPA firms.

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