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Yes, Your house can get termites in the Fall and Winter
Stop them Early!
You might not see them swarming, but they like warmth. Ambient temp under your home durring the colder months is higher than that of the outside. People tend to see more termite activity in the spring and summer because this when they are typically leaving their nests in swarms to search for new colonies. Thus, there may be visible evidence of a nearby colony, such as discarded wings, droppings, mud tubes, etc., but just because they may not be as obvious doesn't mean that they aren't there. Unfortunately, cold conditions won't kill termites off or drive them away. It just forces them to burrow deeper within the soil or wood sources that they find outside and makes the heat coming from inside your home that much more appealing. That means that the piles of firewood that you have stored for the winter are especially vulnerable, and if termites have already made it indoors, then you can count on them to stay and continue feeding in the warm environment. So, from September to December, we will be offering a discounted Termite Inspection for members. Regular price: $79. Now: $49 from September 1 to December 15th.

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Offer Valid: September 1, 2018December 15, 2018
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